Capdepera and Cala Ratjada

Belongs to the municipality of Capdepera, which is a small town in the extream north east of the island in the area of llevant. This area has many small bays which are well known tourist areas like Cala Rajada, Cala Mesquida, Canyamel and Sa Font de Sa Cala.

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One of the most famous landmarks in Capdepera is the fortress, which reings over the village.

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In the year 1300 the king Jaume II ordered 12 villages to the built in Mallorca and one of those villages was close to a place called “head of the Stone” (CAP DE LA PEDRA) which is todays Capdepera. The reason to build a castel close to the observation tower “Miguel Nunis” was to unite the population of the area. The construction of the fort was completed in the XIV century.

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The majority was not in favor of leaving their fields to live inside the fortress of the castel and that is why they were ordered to spend the nights in the fortress with arms to defend themselves. At the begining about 50 houses were constructed inside the fortress and the King sanç 1 gave 100 “sueldos” per family for the construction if they lived inside the fortress. The village was a part of Artà since there was no more than 100 families.

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The church was enlarged in the XVI and XVIII centuries and the image of christ is from the XIV or XV century. The figure of the virgin of hope in gotic style is to be seen too. She is the patron saint of Capdepera since the XVI century.

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From 1715 with the arrival of the Borbons to the throne a professional army was formed to protect the city.

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With the conquer of Argel by the french the piracy came to an end and the defense role of Capdepera changed. The army disbanded and abandoned the fortress and the inhabitantens started to build bigger and more comfortable houses outside the fortress. At the end of the XVIII century there was only 25 houses inside the fortress and more than 200 houses outside the fortress.

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In 1856 the ownership of the fortress was given to Josep Quint Zaforteza but in 1983 the city council bought the fortress and it was made public property. Cala Ratjada is a town in the Spanish municipality of Capdepera. It is located in the northeast of the island of Mallorca, about fifty miles from the capital, Palma. It is the main port and more developed coastal district Capdepera.


Cala Ratjada

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Cala Ratjada

Cala Ratjada is a very established and is included among the top tourist destinations in the island. It is a high demand destination for German tourists , this area has gained a good reputation among foreign tourists , tourism in the predominantly German.


Cala Ratjada

Tourism began to land on these lands in the 60s , before this Cala Ratjada was a small fishing port. The Puerto original still exists today, but has become more of a tourist cruise destination in the fishing port once was.


Harbour of Cala Rajada


Harbour of  Cala Rajada

Cala Ratjada is the closest point between Mallorca and Menorca, is why Cala Ratjada has played an important role in the economy of the island over the years. On clear days, from here it is not difficult to make out the island of Menorca and the town of Ciutadella.


Harbour of  Cala Rajada


Harbour of  Cala Rajada

This area of ​​Mallorca is famous for the abruptness of its coastline , as well as the many coves that are, Capdepera has 40 kilometers of spectacular coastline with beaches that most have quality Blue Flag awarded by the Foundation Environmental Education.

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The lighthouse of  Cala Ratjada

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The lighthouse of  Cala Rajada

Faro Cala Ratjada

The lighthouse of  Cala Rajada