It is true that most of our tourist visitors prefer the wide sandy beaches, but for those who want to escape from the masses, particularly in mid-summer, the whole coast of Capdepera from Canyamel to Cala Mesquida is full of little easily accessible bays with clean, transparent water and little spots to catch the sun.

01 Cala Agulla 3,10

All sorts of little corners and rocks are suitable for sunbathing. We recommend the use of rubber beach shoes if you wish to enjoy the peacefulness of these little bays (the shoes are for sale in numerous shops).

Beach of Cala Agulla

Cala Agulla.- The beach of Cala Agulla has hardly changed at all since the early days after World War II, when Cala Ratjada was a haunt of spies.

03 Cala Agulla 3,10

Today, Cala Agulla is still one of the principal attractions.


Beach of  Cala Agulla

But close to the hotel Cala Ratjada also has other beaches at Son Moll and Cala Gat, this last one is mostly used by the locals. Cala Agulla has it all, both sun and shade (beneath the pines), bars, water sport activities and an excellent Red Cross lifeguard team, who are also represented in the town’s other tourist beaches.


Beach of  Son Moll

Beach of  Cala Gat

010 cala gat 3,10

 Cala Gat

Cala Mesquida.- Seven kilometres from Capdepera (with a public bus service from Cala Ratjada and a stop close to Bellavista) lies the wide, wild beach of Cala Mesquida, one of the most spectacular beaches on Majorca.

16 Cala Mesquida i entorn. 3.10

Deep, clear water, extensive dunes and a shady wood of pine trees. You can also reach Cala Mesquida on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback from Cala Agulla beach. It is one of the prettiest walks in the municipality with typical vegetation including fan palms.

Beach of  Cala Mesquida

32 Cala Mesquida i entorn. 3.1016 Cala Mesquida i entorn. 3.10

                                                                                                               Cala Mesquida

Canyamel.- Canyamel is another “suburb” of Capdepera, about ten minutes away by car or bus (during the season). It is also accessible on foot from Font de Sa Cala, although it is a moderately tiring hike and best recommended during spring and autumn.

032_3.10 CANYAMEL

Canyamel has an excellent beach with fine sand like the other but with two points of special interest. The stream is fed by water that descends from the mountains above Artà and from the famous grottoes or Cuevas de s’Ermitá (commercially known as Cuevas de Artà). The stream and lagoon constitute one of the most remarkable wet biotopes of Majorca, officially catalogued as a natural area of particular interest (so-called ANEI) with abundant aquatic flora and fauna. It is one of the interim resting spots for some migratory species on their way to and from Africa.

Beach of  Canyamel


Beach of Canyamel

Font de Sa Cala.- This is another of the natural beaches in Capdepera around which a noticeable tourist centre has arisen. It can therefore be considered a municipal beach, although it is only heavily visited in the months of July and August. It is only about 5 minutes by car from Capdepera and Cala Ratjada, and can also be reached by bus and by the tourist mini-train (in the season).

Beach Sa Font de sa Cala


Beach Sa Font de sa Cala